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Specialised nutritional supplements
for a healthier future.


Discover the Orthoplex Range

Under our brand Orthoplex, we produce a range of the highest quality nutritional supplements that can only be dispensed after a consultation with an accredited Clinical Practitioner. We scour the globe to source only the best, clinically researched, innovative ingredients that work, which enable practitioners to achieve meaningful results for patients.

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Orthoplex White is our flagship brand, an exclusive clinical practitioner range of over 70 products specifically designed for clinicians tackling increasingly complex health conditions. Innovation is at the forefront of this brand and the cutting-edge formulations are based on the latest ingredients which are constantly reviewed to ensure they reflect the latest scientific literature. The brand mantra is ‘Only the Best’, and this is a fundamental aspect of every product in the range.

Unlike other practitioner-only products that are freely visible and available on retail shelves, Orthoplex White supports the industry through stringent selling contracts with stockists, ensuring the products are used correctly, to help fortify the industry’s integrity. Patients can only obtain Orthoplex White formulations via a prescription from an approved registered clinical practitioner, who has been verified and approved to uphold the strict selling standards of the range. See our Full Selling Standards.


Orthoplex Green is the original brand established by Henry Osiecki over 35 years ago after he found he couldn’t find products in the market that adequately met the needs of practitioners and their patients. Orthoplex products have always been ground-breaking in many respects, with innovation and the latest research being intrinsic to the brand.

The concept of synergy was also fundamental to this brand with research proving that many key ingredients together produced an enhanced result, accomplishing more than they could alone.

Products in this range provide foundational support through highly effective, synergistic formulations. The nutrients have been successfully used in clinic for decades with many proven results and case studies to support the efficacy and quality of the range.


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Why Practitioner Only?

Our products are available from health professionals including naturopaths, nutritionists, medical doctors, dieticians, chiropractors, and more. They look at the bigger picture, not just providing symptom care, but empowering you to take control of your own health through thorough investigations, explanation and understanding of your test results. Your health professional can provide an empathetic ear and the caring connection to facilitate healthy change. Ultimately, through their expertise and guidance they show you the path to living your best life. Ask a health professional if our products are right for you at your next appointment.

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Quality Assurance Process


How to Access Orthoplex Products

Only certified and approved practitioners can prescribe Orthoplex products. We are a practitioner-only company who sell only to practitioners, not the public. To gain access to our products and practitioner-only information, please follow the simple steps below.

Application Step One
Create a FREE Bio Concepts Practitioner Account

Head to to access the registration page, enter your details and upload your required practitioner documentation, then submit for approval.


Step 2
Fill out an Orthoplex White Application form

Once access has been granted, you will need to apply for Orthoplex White approval by completing the appropriate registration form. Our Orthoplex White range of products have a different set of selling standards that you will need to acknowledge.  


HASTA™ Certified Range

Our Orthoplex HASTA™ Certified Range consists of 11 products that have been grouped and aligned with the AIS Sports Supplement Framework.