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Orthoplex White is our exclusive clinical practitioner range, designed for clinicians tackling increasingly complex conditions. The brand is supported by the mantra of ‘Only the Best’ as we believe this is a fundamental aspect of every product in the range.
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Orthoplex Green is the original brand established by Henry Osiecki over 35 years ago after he found he couldn’t find products in the market that adequately met the needs of practitioners and their patients. Orthoplex products have always been groundbreaking in many respects, with innovation and the latest research being intrinsic to the brand.  
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Complimentary Educational Resources on our Engage Platform

At Bio Concepts, we believe in supporting all practitioners, to continue their professional development and allow them to provide the best possible treatments for patients. Our team of experts are constantly across the latest scientific research and empower practitioners to use this information in clinic by sourcing and digesting the information, to convey it in an easy-to-read, easy-to access format.

Additionally, our team leverages all their research to create resources for practitioners to use in clinic, including articles, podcasts, charts and other material that supports you in practice. We also provide a range of patient material with the intention of supporting information conveyed by the practitioner. This material often contains helpful tips, tricks and content such as recipes, to help keep your patients on the right track.
You can find all our educational resources on the Bio Concepts Engage website.

Mood Disorder Appraisal (MDA)

The Bio Concepts Mood Disorder Appraisal (MDA) helps you determine the chemical imbalance of your patients. It is designed as a tool to help you identify which neurotransmitter pathways need support, through a simple questionnaire, which can be emailed directly to the patient. This allows the patient to complete the questions that most relate to them, in their own time, with ample privacy.

Patients answer 65 multi-choice questions, grading each symptom from "never" to "very often". Once completed, they can email the appraisal back to you, to calculate the results.
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Patient Ordering System

The Bio Concepts ‘Online Patient Ordering System’ offers assistance in the supply of nutritional supplements directly to your patient without the need for a full product dispensary. The online Patient Ordering System includes all products from our brands: Orthoplex Green and Orthoplex White.
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