These are two ways you can check product-drug interactions with Orthoplex.

1-4Drug Interactions Checker

The Drug Interactions feature is available on the 

Bio Concepts website




It provides a clear and easy-to-follow display of major, moderate and minor interactions between classes of drugs and all Orthoplex products right at your fingertips.

This detailed information directly reflects the most up-to-date research available on Natural Medicines Database and provides practitioners with an option to explore each referenced interaction in detail in a drop-down format.

It addresses known interactions between medications and nutrients and herbs, however does not cover herb-nutrient, herb-herb or nutrient-nutrient interactions.


Visit each individual product page to view Drug Interactions (see example below).






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2-Oct-30-2020-03-55-21-83-AMNatural Medicines Database

The Natural Medicines Database is available on the

Bio Concepts Engage website




As a member of the Bio Concepts Engage, you receive free access to the Natural Medicines Database.

This means you can check the nutrient or herb you want to prescribe against the exact medication your patient is taking. It also details safety information on nutrients and herbs in pregnancy and lactation; the nutrients that are depleted when taking specific medications; and monographs on hundreds of nutrients and herbs.

If you don't already have an Engage membership click here for more information or to see the different access levels available  click here


Visit the Engage homepage to find the NMD (see example below).






Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 11.02.48 am


If you still have any questions about how you can check your products interactions, please feel free to send your questions to our Clinical support team at clinicalsupport@bioconcepts.com.au