To celebrate Bio Concepts turning 35, we have created a limited edition Charts Booklet for all our favourite Clinical Applications Charts over the years!

At Bio Concepts, we’ve been delivering quality independent and cutting edge education and marketing materials for our Healthcare Practitioner partners for over 35 years.

Our Clinical Applications Charts have been one of the most popular resources that we have produced over the years. So in celebration of our 35 years in business and to thank you for supporting us over this period, we have collated all of our charts into this limited edition booklet.

We hope that you find this booklet useful and once again, we thank you for your support and for contributing to our 35 years of success. We have many more exciting products and initiatives to bring to the Practitioner industry and we look forward to working with you to continue to grow both your business and our Orthoplex brand going forward.

Yours in health!

Henry and Dr Michael Osiecki

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All-in-one Charts Booklet


Charts included:

- Vitamin D Clinical Applications Chart

- Omega-3 Clinical Applications Chart

- Gastrointestinal Diverse Clinical Applications Chart

- L. rhamnosus GG (ATCC 53103) Diverse Clinical Applications Chart

- Multi-Generational Probiotic Applications Chart

- S.boulardii and B. longum BB536 Applications Chart

- N-Acetylcysteine Clinical Applications Chart

- Neurotransmitter Chart

- The Five D’s Clinical Applications Chart

- Gut Health and Detoxification Chart

- Integrated Methylation in Practice

- Cardiometabolic Clinical Applications Chart






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