Women’s business

1 Dec 2020, 11:02AM

“A woman who knows what she brings to the table is not afraid to eat alone.” Anon  

When I think about my passions and what fuels my daily fire, this quote comes to mind, along with images of so many great women who forged a path for my generation of women. Then I looked around at my life and could see that whether I’m in my clinic, mentoring, in the Bio Concepts office or with my family, the common ground is that I’m passionate about helping women and accepting their wisdoms in return. 

I count myself as one of the lucky ones who can earn a living from what I’m passionate about. The seemingly simple task of exploring my passion has made me realize that it runs far deeper than just my clinical work. Women are at the centre of everything I love to do.   

I love: 

  • educating young women about their bodies and how we can empower ourselves to take advantage of our naturally fluctuating cycle. We are not linear beings and more people could benefit from knowing that.  
  • my clinical work which allows me to provide a platform tenable women to better understand their health, but also to trust that no one knows them better than themselves. My patients have taught me so much about listening to what is said but also to that which is unsaid.  
  • that I have the great fortune of being surrounded by extremely talented women both at work and at home who are my greatest teachers and strongly encourage me to reach higher, look deeper and do it all with an open heart, even if it scares me.  

I grew up in a family of strong fiercely independent women where we made our voices heard, we were free to take action and our thoughts and opinions mattered. I’m passionate about providing those same opportunities to my twin girls so they can be confident in voicing their inner strength and power and be free to do what makes them the happiest.  


Katey-circle-1By Katey Weekes | Naturopath; Clinical Support consultant at Bio Concepts