The fun side of food

27 Mar 2020, 11:52AM

Sometimes, getting the kids to eat healthy foods can be a struggle, especially with brightly coloured, cartoon shaped, “toy included” foods as competition! Here are some of the tricks of the trade that you can use to make healthy food, fun!

applesApple Doughnuts

  1. Core apples and cut into slices to get doughnut shaped pieces
  2. “Ice” the doughnuts using coconut yoghurt / fruit puree / nut butter
  3. Decorate with berry and muesli “sprinkles”



Banana and Nut Butter “Sushi”

  1. Take a wholegrain wrap and coat in nut butter of your choice
  2. Place a banana along one edge and roll into the wrap
  3. Chop into little slices of “sushi”



Fruit Kebabs

  1. Chop a selection of fruit and thread onto skewers




Frozen Yoghurt Bites

  1. Take coconut yoghurt and pipe into little “buds” on a baking paper lined tray
  2. Pop into the freezer till frozen
  • Optional: coat berries or small pieces of your child’s favourite fruit in the yoghurt and freeze



Cucumber Hearts

  1. Cut cucumber into slices
  2. Use a small heart shaped cookie cutter (or cutter of choice) to cut out shapes