Key stress-busting nutrients

27 Mar 2020, 9:53AM

Support yourself during times of stress with these key stress-busting nutrients!



Beautiful B’s

Activated B vitamins can support your nervous and digestive systems and help your body manufacture neurotransmitters which improve your ability to deal with stress.





Magical Magnesium

Magnesium is magnificent for a number of different conditions, but is particularly good when it comes to supporting you in times of stress. Magnesium is involved in more than 600 reactions in the body. Along with Taurine, it can calm the body and aid sleep.





Glutamine the Great

The amino acid, Glutamine is a fuel source for immune and intestinal cells. During times of stress, the body’s ability to produce enough Glutamine becomes compromised, as does the integrity of the gut lining. This leads to poor nutrient absorption which means you won’t get all the goodness from your foods.




Zest for Zinc

Zinc is involved in hundreds of reactions in the body including protein synthesis and reparative mechanisms. During times of stress, Zinc deficiency can arise as the body tries to repair itself. Zinc is required for production of stomach acid and maintaining integrity of the gut lining. A deficiency in Zinc can affect digestion & nutrient absorption, lessening our ability to cope with stress.