Health Proof your Holidays

26 Nov 2021, 11:03AM

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Let’s face it, keeping your health goals on track is incredibly difficult during the festive season. However, just because there is cause for celebration, and potentially a little more indulgence than normal, there’s no reason to completely throw in the towel. These are a few things to keep in mind over the festive season, so the recovery is more attainable as we enter the new year!

Eat Mindfully

It’s all too easy to pick at the food that’s on the table for hours on end when at a Christmas party, but this is an easy way to over-indulge. Take note of how your body is feeling, and try to avoid continuing to eat, long after you’re full. 

Stay Active

While holidays are for maximum relaxation, your body still needs to get moving to function properly. Moving is particularly important at a time of year when we tend to eat a little more than we otherwise would. Go for a quick 30-40 minute walk as soon as you get up, before the festivities start. It might be tempting to leave it till the afternoon, but post-festive walks are a high risk for excuses. Make it a family affair and take the kids/dogs with you too and start the day off the right way.

Alter your Drinking Habits

For most people, a Christmas Day Champagne is a tradition. While ideally this would be a tradition we could completely ditch, in most cases that is not realistic. Instead, try to have a water between each drink, and remember to be mindful of how much you are drinking, if you choose to consume alcohol. 

Be Wary of Germs

Getting everyone together for the festive season is one of the best parts, however it does carry a risk of sharing a little more than fond memories. Make sure you (and the kids!) are washing your hands well, and frequently. It is worth giving surfaces that a lot of hands touch a frequent wipe down as well. Think light switches, door handles (particularly in the toilet) and remotes. Make sure no one is getting too close for comfort by using glass markers to identify which cup belongs to who.

Don't Forget Your Veggies

With so much delicious Christmas fare getting about, fresh, green vegetables are often far from our minds. This isn’t to say that you have to completely ditch those roast goodies, but rather, just make sure that some of your plate space is occupied by fresh veggies. If you eat those veggies first, it might even stop you dipping too deep into the potato salad.