RECIPE: Easter Egg Pops

6 Apr 2020, 15:56PM

Looking for healthier alternatives to feed children over Easter?  

These frozen Easter egg pops are creamy, crunchy, sweet and simple to prepare! This recipe is packed full of nutritious ingredients whist still being fun and tasty. They’re a great way to get the kids involved in cooking over the holidays. Use a silicone egg shaped mould to fit the Easter theme, but you can also use ice cube or muffin cups, though they won’t have the shape.


Makes 6 

  • 500g coconut yoghurt
  • Handful blueberries
  • Handful raspberries
  • Handful chopped strawberries
  • Handful granola 


  • Egg shaped silicone mould 
  • Lollipop or wooden sticks 


  1. Place a spoonful of yoghurt into each silicone mould, filling each about one third
  2. Sprinkle berries and granola into each mould
  3. Place a stick into each mould, laying it down flat
  4. Top each mould with yoghurt, making sure it covers the toppings and stick 
  5. Place mould tray in freezer for at least 2 hours or overnight, until eggs are frozen solid
  6. Once frozen, pop egg pop out of the mould, leave to soften for a few minuteand then serve immediately