Create your own office sanctuary

6 Apr 2020, 11:49AM

In 2020, working from home has gone from being a luxury to the norm that many of us are adjusting to due to the introduction of social distancing.

By creating an office sanctuary for ourselves, it allows us to feel more balanced which can then generate an increase in healthy productivity. In the current environment we have little control over what we can and can’t do but one thing we can do is create a healthy space to assist our self-care while we work. 

Here are a list of ideas for you to consider when creating your own office sanctuary. 








Scents make sense

Try diffusing essential oils that you love or utilising natural room sprays. Selecting your favourite blends to diffuse or spray in your office can promote positive energy and productivity. Our olfactory sense is connected directly to the regions of the brain involved in memory and learning.








Brighten to enliven your desk

Pens and pencils seem to travel from place to place of their own accord. Why not use a favourite coffee mug or fancy water glass to hold to give them a place to call home?









Build a collection of your favourite herbal teas and maybe invest in a lovely tea pot or French press so you can sip away all day to your hearts content. You are even working on your hydration at the same time!








Get the temperature right 

Place a cozy blanket across the back of your chair for some cozy comfort or a burst of colour in your workspace. You can also use it on your lap to keep warm in the cooler months with no-one even noticing from your online meeting.








Set the mood

Play some gentle acoustic tunes or chakra balancing music in the background to promote those wonderful alpha brain waves to keep you calm and relaxed between tasks.








Invest in a salt lamp

Not only do they look beautiful but salt lamps promote the release of negative ions into a room as well as help to clear the air and boost your mood!








Bring the outside in

If you can, move your desk around so that you have a view out the window. Natural sunlight is environmentally friendly after all and saves electricity! Indoor plants are a great way to filter and cleanse the air and studies have shown they can improve concentration and productivity by 15% as well as reduce stress and boost mood.








Be decorative

Add some framed nature shots, favourite funny cartoon strips or motivational quotes to your walls to keep you motivated. And occasionally giggling, in your new work environment.