COVID-19 Coronavirus Update 

It is very encouraging to see how the Australian population has embraced the many restrictions being placed on our everyday lives – all with the common goal of ‘flattening the curve’ and reducing the risk of spread of the virus. 

Following on from the statistics we shared for the month of March – the first few weeks of April have shown very positive signs, with new confirmed cases continuing to drop, along with the death rate, but most heartening is that the recovery rate now exceeds the number of cases reported.

Our feedback suggests that whilst many of you are continuing to see some patients, the majority have successfully moved to online consultations and using tele-medicine.  It is certainly commendable how quickly everyone has adapted and made the necessary changes to their business models to accommodate the current environment.



Source from https://www.covid19data.com.au/


Industry Action

Whilst it is great to see some of these positive statistics on how COVID-19 is being controlled in Australia, now is not the time to rest on our laurels and get complacent as the first wave of the virus seems to be under control.  We need to be planning ahead and cognisant that there is expected to be a second wave of the virus as we progress into the winter months.

We know that Complementary Medicines are crucial in helping community health and wellbeing and essential in supporting and assisting with chronic disease states which may prevent the need for people to go to hospital, so as a CMA Board Member I can assure you that your industry body is charging ahead and continuing to push the agenda to ensure we are maintained as an essential service if further strengthening of lockdown procedures are required.

The CMA and OneCAM are and will continue to lobby for this, however you too can play a very important role especially as Nutritionists, Herbalists and Naturopaths are not APRA registered groups, so the decision as to who remains open for Practitioners is up to the individual states.  We therefore urge you to contact your local State Health Minister and local State Member of Parliament so that collectively we can push to maintain our status as essential businesses should further restrictions of a lockdown come into place.


Here is a list of key contacts for your reference:- 

State Person Email
QLD Hon. Dr Steven Miles health@ministerial.qld.gov.au
NSW Hon. Bradley Ronald Hazzard online contact form
VIC Hon. Jenny Mikakos minister.health@health.vic.gov.au
WA Hon. Roger Cook MLA health@ministerial.qld.gov.au
SA Hon. Stephen Wade MLC ministerforhealth@sa.gov.au
TAS Hon. Sarah Courtney MP sarah.courtney@parliament.tas.gov.au
AUS Hon. Greg Hunt FHM Minister.Hunt@health.gov.au

 It is far more powerful for these local and State representatives to hear from the local businesses in their electorate, such as yourselves, so you can reinforce that as a practitioner, you provide a vital service to your patients in supporting and guiding them during this stressful time.  They rely on you as a key and often sole contact for their health needs and you are the best person to support their long-term health issues which will assist and prevent their potential need for hospitalisation.  Plus, you help keep the economy going.


Supporting the community in the face of COVID-19.  Be part of the Science.

Facing up to this virus is facing up to the unknown. As nutritionists and naturopaths, you are part of the support network for the prevention and care of people at risk of COVID-19 and like other healthcare professionals you are working with very little specific information about this virus.  Health scientists from epidemiologist to microbiologists and ICU staff are participating in urgent research to promote understanding and save lives. We too can be part of this vital knowledge generation.

Each protocol you develop whether for prevention or for support after exposure to COVID-19 is an individual experiment in how to care for people in this context. If we capture all these protocols and record all our patients’ responses, together we can build important evidence about what complementary medicine can contribute to patient and client care and how best to employ these modalities.

The Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Health and Medicine COVID-19 Support Registry provides a platform in which to store this important information and an opportunity to research what is the most effective and safest care we can provide for our patients and clients.

The Registry was set up by the National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon and particularly by the University’s Helfgott Research Institute.  It is supported by the World Naturopathic Federation and its contributors include researchers from the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, Sydney and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Submissions can be completely anonymous without required reference to a practitioner or practice. The registry does not collect any protected health information regarding patients or clients.

The purpose of the registry is to gather information on integrative and complementary health practices, contributions to public health and patient care, and case outcomes, recording critical case details in a single data bank. All treatment experiences, both positive and adverse are helpful. How else can we all learn the best way forward in this global challenge.

Register here

The findings gathered will help highlight integrative approaches to COVID-19 management and risk reduction and potentially provide data for both promising and potentially harmful treatment protocols in the future.

The organization may also use information to bolster advocacy efforts for the naturopathic profession.

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Stock update

Our stocks continue to improve daily – Clinical C and Ultra Buffered C, which sold out very quickly during the initial surge on immunity products are now back in stock and plentiful.  Overall – our ‘out of stocks’ are at a minimum and we expect this to continue in the foreseeable future.  As previously mentioned, if we do run low on some products, we may need to allocate quantities out so stock levels can be maintained across as many distribution channels as possible. 

We again remind you to that you can set up your patients online via our Patient Ordering System.

And finally, for those who are not following the Henry and Michael Facebook page, I am constantly adding new content with the latest COVID-19 research and insights, so you may want to follow the page.


Thank you for your continued support. Stay positive and stay healthy!

Kind regards,



Dr. Michael Osiecki 

Managing Director, Bio Concepts