The New Generation of Spore Forming Probiotics: Transforming Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders

Clinical Concepts - September Webinar



Need a new treatment in your armoury to amplify and sustain your results for gastrointestinal disorders like IBS, SIBO and constipation?  

In this Clinical Concepts Live, join one of the world’s leading researchers on spore-forming bacteria. Hear direct from Dr Jayanthi Neelamraju how these unique spores are the key to the bacteria’s success, why they differ from any other probiotic and how they alter the intestinal environment and modulate the microbiome.  

Jayanthi will share the results of her clinical trials on adults and children with IBS, children with functional abdominal pain and diarrhoea, and adults with IBD and constipation, with some exciting results on improving bacterial vaginosis and protein absorption.  

Hear How Spore-Forming Probiotics Work
Learn How the Spore-Forming Bacillus Coagulans Unique IS2 Improves Constipation
Discover Other Applications for Spore-Forming Probiotics


Dr Jayanthi Neelamraju

PhD (Biochemistry)

The New Generation of Spore Forming Probiotics: Transforming Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders

29 November


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You'll learn:

  • What spore-forming bacteria are and how they become active 
  • Their function in a healthy and dysfunctional gut 
  • Their mechanism of action in constipation and diarrhoea 
  • The clinical trials and in vivo studies that provide evidence for their use in GIT disorders


You'll receive:

  • 1 CPE point
  • Copy of presentation slides 
  • Additional related resources


Dr Jayanthi Neelamraju

PhD (Biochemistry)

Dr. Jayanthi holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India with postdoctoral experience from the Osaka City University Medical School, Japan. She is also a registered patent agent with the Government of India.  

She has published in peer reviewed journals in areas related to Nutrition and carcinogenesis apart from probiotics.  Prior to joining Unique Biotech, she was involved in teaching Biochemistry and Microbiology to undergraduate and graduate students. At Unique Biotech Ltd, she is involved in Scientific liasoning with various universities, research institutes and hospitals for collaborative research on probiotics. 


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