Prescribing Omega-3 for Mood Disorders: New Guidelines to Improve Clinical Outcomes 

Clinical Concepts Live - October



Ever wondered how effective omega-3 fatty acids actually are in treating depression?

An international panel of mental health experts have just published guidelines to answer these very important clinical questions.  In this Clinical Concepts Live hear from one panel member, our very own Australian naturopath and Professor of Integrative Psychiatry,  Jerome Sarris.  

Background with Depression
Hear about Jerome's background and how he found his passion in this area. 
What to expect?
Hear from Jerome about what you can expect from his webinar.


Integrating clinical treatments
Hear about Jerome's perspective on the different treatments.


Professor Jerome Sarris

BHSc, MHSc, DipHSc (Nut&HM), AdvDipHSc (Acu&Nat), PhD

Prescribing Omega-3 for Mood Disorders: New Guidelines to Improve Clinical Outcomes

27 Oct


Live Session: Tuesday, 27 Oct 12pm AEDT 

On demand: Wednesday, 28 Oct until 30 Nov

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You'll learn:

  • The new omega-3 dosing guidelines for more effective management of depression 
  • The mechanisms of action underpinning omega-3’s therapeutic activity  
  • Dose, duration and quality as well as limitations of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation for unipolar and bipolar depression 
  • Greater insight into the importance of inflammation in depression and the beneficial role omega-3 may have in its amelioration 

You'll receive:

  • 1 CPE point
  • Copy of presentation slides & notes
  • One live session with Q&A (27 Oct, 12pm AEDT)
  • On-demand access to recording (available after the Live session ends on 30 Nov)
Professor Jerome Sarris

BHSc, MHSc, DipHSc (Nut&HM), AdvDipHSc (Acu&Nat), PhD

Jerome Sarris is an NHMRC Clinical Research Fellow and Professor of Integrative Mental Health at NICM Health Research Institute at Westmead, Western Sydney University. He also holds an honorary Principal Research Fellow appointment at Melbourne University, Department of Psychiatry. He has a particular interest in mood and anxiety disorder research pertaining to lifestyle medicine and nutraceutical psychopharmacology, and psychotropic plant medicine research (in particular on Kava, medicinal cannabis, and psychedelics).

Professor Sarris has over 180 academic publications, including journal articles featured in The American Journal of PsychiatryLancet PsychiatryJAMA Psychiatry, and World Psychiatry). He has conducted many RCTs in the field, including 3 recent multicentre NHMRC Project Grants as CIA.

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