Protein, Sleep and Muscle Health

Connecting the Dots

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Protein, Sleep and Muscle Health:

Connecting the Dots


Turn protein recommendations and timing on its head in this Clinical Concepts Live with engaging sports dietitian Dr Dominique Condo as she explores the triad of muscle maintenance, bone health and sleep. 

Explore popular diets like the carnivore diet and the impact of protein intake, sleep and bone health on muscle health in both the general and athletic populations. 


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Dr Dominique Condo 

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Dr Dominique Condo

Protein, Sleep and Muscle Health: Connecting the Dots

Live: Wednesday 29 May 2024 at 12pm AEST

On Demand: Available on Engage 

Cost: Free

Earn: 1 CPE


You'll learn:

  • The importance of muscle maintenance and bone health in overall wellbeing.
  • Advanced nutritional strategies designed to preserve muscle mass and promote muscle health.
  • The significant impact of quality sleep on bone density and muscle function.
  • The latest evidence-based practices to support optimal bone and muscle health.
  • Practical insights to implement effective lifestyle changes for better muscle maintenance and bone health.


You'll receive:

  • 1 CPE Point

  • A Copy of the Presentation Slides

  • Exclusive Resource


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Dr Dominique Condo

APD PhD, M Nutr Diet, Grad Cert Higher Education, BSc(Biomed)

Dr Dom, PhD and Accredited Sports Dietitian, is one of the most exciting and inspiring performance nutrition experts, passionate about providing people with the best nutrition and well-being information to perform in all aspects of business, life and sport. Her high energy and personable nature crossed with outstanding credentials, expertise and experience makes her an unforgettable speaker and nutrition leader.

Dr Dom currently consults as the performance dietitian to the Richmond Football club, with seven years’ experience at the Geelong Cats Football Club and the WNBL Deakin Melbourne Boomers and appointment as Player Development Manager at Geelong Cats since the inaugural season in 2018.

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1 CPE Point


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